Welcome to the Future of Scent Detection

Introducing SmartScent

SmartScent is a compact scent-detection device designed for early screening of threats and events. Its versatility enables seamless integration into a wide range of environments and applications.

At Altered Carbon Ltd, we’re revolutionising scent detection with our latest innovation: the SmartScent. Imagine having a small, powerful device that can detect a myriad of scents, offering invaluable insights and enhancing safety and efficiency across industries. Let’s delve into what makes SmartScent the ultimate solution for your scent detection needs.


Digital Nose Sensor

Detects TVOC for ripeness detection, bad odour detection, and gas leak detection

Additional Sensors

Includes temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors for comprehensive environmental monitoring

Long Battery Life

Up to 1 year of uninterrupted operation so you can rely on continuous performance without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Rugged Design

IP65 casing ensures the device can withstand harsh environments, providing reliable operation in all conditions.

Versatile Connectivity

Bluetooth BLE connectivity, Wi-Fi, and cellular gateway options for long-range communication.

Advanced AI Integration

Real-time data processing with AI/ML allows for   actionable insights and improving decision-making capabilities.


ScentStudio.ai Compatibility

Integration for data collection, visualisation, and advanced analytics.

Small Form Factor

Compact and discreet design allows for easy and unobtrusive deployment in any environment.

Manual Check & Alert

The manual check function with an LED indicator, along with real-time alerts via email, text, or web, ensures you can receive instant notifications, enhancing safety and responsiveness.

Industry-Specific Applications

Ripeness Detection for Fresh Food in Storage and Transport

Maximise the efficiency of your food supply chain with SmartScent’s advanced ripeness detection capabilities.

  • Optimise Storage: Ensure optimal storage conditions by monitoring ethylene levels and other TVOCs.
  • Reduce Food Waste: Timely detection of ripeness helps minimise spoilage and waste.
  • Improve Efficiency: Enhance the efficiency of your logistics with accurate ripeness data.

Bad Odor Detection for Building Environment Management

Maintain a pleasant and healthy environment in commercial buildings, restrooms, and waste management areas with SmartScent’s bad odour detection feature. 

  • Enhance Hygiene: Quickly detect and address unpleasant odours to maintain a clean environment.
  • Automated Remediation: Trigger automated cleaning processes for immediate response.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Provide a pleasant environment in restrooms and waste management areas.

Gas Leak Detection for Building Environment Management

Whether in residential buildings, commercial properties, or industrial sites, SmartScent provides early warning of gas leaks, allowing for prompt action and preventing potential hazards.

  • Ensure Safety: Early detection of gas leaks ensures prompt action and hazard prevention.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Monitor various gases to ensure a safe environment.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive instant notifications of detected gas leaks for immediate response.

AI-Platform: ScentStudio

Scent Studio is the unique AI platform powering SmartScent. It transforms data collected from our sensor box units into AI models that can be utilized with the SmartScent node. The development package grants you access to this platform, enabling the seamless integration of scent detection into your product or solution.


No programming knowledge needed

Create AI models for K9Sense without any development knowledge or programming skills

Cloudbased / Works on any system

Cloud-based and compatible with any system

Easy to create AI

Easily transform raw sensor data into usable AI models.

  Integration Steps

  1. Subscribe to our development platform, you can reserve your place today. 
  2. Test sensors in your target environment
  3. Utilize our dedicated development support
  4. Joint integration and deployment plan
  5. Enter AI subscribtion plan and licence or purchase our cost-effective sensors at volume