Scent Profile:


Scent Profile

Common names: Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, Formol
Associated Compounds: Methanol, Acetaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde etc.
Category: Aldehydes
AC Scent Code: ASB004
K9Sense Status: tested with data sheet


Formaldehyde, a pungent and colorless gas with a sharp odor, finds broad application across industries, including construction, textiles, and healthcare. Its preservative and binding qualities make it integral to manufacturing various products. Yet, inadequate control of formaldehyde can lead to respiratory irritation and potential carcinogenic effects. Adherence to proper ventilation, protective measures, and safety protocols is essential to capitalize on its utility while safeguarding health and well-being.
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- Andy (CHAP, the uk largest agri-tech centre)

Use Cases


Chemical manufacturing

Affected Products:
Air quality, contamination, safety.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of benzene can pose serious health risks to workers and lead to regulatory non-compliance.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early detection of benzene leaks or elevated levels in chemical manufacturing facilities can enhance worker safety, prevent health issues, ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid production interruptions or environmental contamination, ultimately reducing operational risks and costs.



Affected Products:
Reduced quality of life, increased healthcare costs, lost productivity.

Prolonged exposure can lead to health risks, including respiratory irritation, headaches, and potential carcinogenic effects on healthcare workers.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early detection of elevated benzene levels in healthcare facilities can protect the health and safety of healthcare workers, reduce the risk of occupational benzene exposure, and ensure a safe environment for patient care.



Affected Products:
Consumer health concerns and odour issues.

Exposure to benzene can result in health issues for workers and affect the quality of automotive finishes.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Detecting benzene emissions early in automotive production facilities can protect the health of workers, reduce workplace hazards, and ensure high-quality finishes on vehicles, preventing costly rework and maintaining brand reputation.


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