Scent Profile:


Scent Profile

Common names: Chlorella
Associated Compounds: Chlorophyll, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12.
Category: Algae
AC Scent Code: ASB014
K9Sense Status: tested with data sheet


Chlorella is a type of green algae that is often used as a dietary supplement due to its high nutritional content. It contains a variety of beneficial compounds, such as chlorophyll, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. However, like Spirulina, some strains of Chlorella can produce toxins that can be harmful to humans and animals. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper harvesting and processing practices to prevent the spread of harmful strains while utilizing its beneficial aspects for nutrition and health purposes.
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Use Cases



Affected Products:
Water quality, nutrients, disease risks.

Algae blooms, can disrupt aquaculture systems, reducing dissolved oxygen levels, and potentially harming aquatic species.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Promptly detecting and managing Chlorella blooms can help maintain water quality, protect aquaculture stocks, and ensure optimal growth conditions.


Personal Health

Affected Products:
Quality and purity, pregnancy and iodine content.

In personal health, Chlorella supplements or products with Chlorella can have varying effects on individuals, including digestive discomfort or allergic reactions in some cases.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Recognizing any adverse reactions or allergies to Chlorella early on allows individuals to make informed decisions about its consumption, ensuring personal health and well-being.


Food logistics

Affected Products:
Packaging, storage conditions, shipping.

Chlorella contamination in stored food products can lead to spoilage, off-flavours, and nutritional changes, rendering them unfit for consumption.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early identification of Chlorella contamination in stored foods can prevent product spoilage, maintain quality, and reduce food waste in the logistics chain.


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