Scent Profile:

Cheese Mold

Scent Profile

Common names: Cheese mold, Penicillium roqueforti
Associated Compounds: Roquefortine C, PR toxin, Cyclopiazonic acid
Category: Fungi
AC Scent Code: ASB016
K9Sense Status: tested with data sheet


Cheese mold refers to the various types of fungi that can grow on cheese. While some types of cheese mold are safe to eat and can even contribute to the flavor of certain cheeses, other types can produce harmful mycotoxins that can cause illness. Therefore, it is important to carefully inspect cheese before consuming it and to promptly discard any cheese that shows signs of mold growth to avoid the risk of adverse health effects. In general, hard and semi-hard cheeses are less likely to develop mold compared to soft and crumbly cheeses.
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Use Cases


Food storage

Affected Products:
Cheese stored in warehouses and distribution centers.

Deterioration of cheese quality, increased waste, and potential contamination of other stored products.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Maintaining cheese quality, reducing waste, and safeguarding the integrity of other stored food items.


Food logistics

Affected Products:
Cheese products during transportation and distribution.

Product spoilage, increased waste, and potential supply chain disruptions.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Minimizing product loss, optimizing supply chain efficiency, and ensuring the timely delivery of fresh cheese products.


Personal Health

Affected Products:
Cheese products in personal consumption.

Risk of foodborne illness, digestive discomfort, and potential allergic reactions.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Ensuring food safety, preventing health issues, and promoting safe consumption of cheese products.


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