Scent Profile:


Scent Profile

Common names: Dimethyl Ketone, Propanone, Nail Polish Remover.
Associated Compounds: Hydrogen Peroxide, Aldol Condensation, Fuel Additive etc.
Category: Ketone
AC Scent Code: ASB024
K9Sense Status: tested with data sheet


Acetone, a volatile organic compound, plays a versatile role in various industries. It's a crucial solvent in chemical manufacturing, aiding in the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, and paints. In laboratories, it serves as a cleaning agent and solvent for research. However, its flammable nature and potential health risks demand careful handling and adherence to safety protocols to harness its benefits while minimizing risks.
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- Andy (CHAP, the uk largest agri-tech centre)

Use Cases


Personal Health

Affected Products:
Nail salons, particularly during nail polish removal and application processes.

Exposure to acetone fumes can lead to respiratory irritation and skin dryness for both salon workers and customers.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early detection of elevated acetone levels can help improve salon ventilation and protect the health and comfort of salon staff and clients.



Affected Products:
Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities where acetone is used as a solvent or reagent.

Acetone contamination can compromise the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early detection of acetone contamination ensures product quality and compliance with regulatory standards, preventing costly recalls and potential harm to patients.


Chemical manufacturing

Affected Products:
Chemical manufacturing plants where acetone is used as a solvent, reactant, or in various processes.

Uncontrolled acetone releases can pose safety hazards to workers and the environment, potentially leading to fires, explosions, or chemical spills.

When K9 Sense is applied:
Early detection of acetone leaks or elevated levels ensures worker safety, minimizes environmental impact, and prevents costly accidents and shutdowns.


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