In the UK’s vast, green landscapes, strawberries are a precious crop, celebrated for their sweetness and vibrant colour. However, these fruits face a relentless threat from grey mould, a fungus that can devastate crops and affect farmers’ livelihoods. Altered Carbon Ltd is leading the fight against this challenge, combining traditional farming knowledge with the latest in AI technology through their product, K9Sense.

Altered Carbon Ltd: Innovating for a Healthier Harvest

Strawberry farming in the UK is a tale of passion and dedication. However, the threat of grey mould has made it necessary to find innovative solutions to protect these fruits. Altered Carbon Ltd’s K9Sense is a game-changer, using AI to detect signs of spoilage early on. This early detection system is crucial for preventing waste and ensuring the quality of strawberries throughout their journey from farm to consumer.

The Technology Behind the Scenes

Altered Carbon Ltd’s K9Sense and ScentStudio.AI, a platform for data analysis and ML model tuning, are pioneering tools in the battle against spoilage. K9Sense mimics the human nose’s ability to detect the onset of decay, specifically targeting the early signs of grey mould. This allows farmers to act swiftly to protect their crops, significantly reducing waste and improving the quality of the strawberries that reach consumers.


Understanding Grey Mould’s Impact

Grey mould poses a significant risk at every stage of a strawberry’s life, from blooming to storage and transport. It thrives in damp conditions, making early detection and management strategies critical in combating this fungus. Under wet conditions, more than 80% of strawberry flowers and fruits can be lost if plants are not sprayed with fungicides (Ries, 1995). Recognising the threat it poses is the first step in developing effective countermeasures to ensure the longevity and success of strawberry farming.


A New Era for Strawberry Farming

The integration of Altered Carbon’s AI technologies represents a major advancement in strawberry farming. By identifying the signs of grey mould early, K9Sense enables farmers to implement preventive measures, marking a significant step towards more sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Altered Carbon’s partnership with UK berry farmers showcases the tangible benefits of incorporating AI into farming practices. This collaboration is not only about combating current challenges but also paving the way for future innovations that can further enhance agricultural sustainability and productivity.

Conclusion: A Hopeful Horizon for Strawberry Farming

The collaboration between Altered Carbon Ltd and UK strawberry farmers is setting a new standard in the fight against grey mould. By leveraging AI for early detection of spoilage, this partnership aims to reduce losses, improve quality, and ensure a prosperous future for the strawberry industry. This effort highlights the potential of combining technology with traditional farming to create a more resilient agricultural sector.



Q: How does K9Sense extend the shelf life of strawberries?

A: K9Sense detects early signs of spoilage, enabling interventions that prevent waste and maintain freshness. This is key in fighting grey mould and ensuring strawberries stay fresh from the field to the consumer.

Q: What can ScentStudio.AI identify?

A: ScentStudio.AI can recognise millions of scent combinations, thanks to its extensive database and AI analytics. This capability is essential for the early detection of grey mould and other agricultural challenges.

Q: How does K9Sense adapt to different environmental conditions?

A: K9Sense uses machine learning to adjust to changes in humidity and temperature, ensuring reliable detection. While it can adapt to most conditions, extreme changes might require recalibration for best performance.

Q: Can K9Sense detect early signs of plant diseases or pest infestations?

A: Yes, K9Sense can identify specific scents associated with plant diseases and pests early on, allowing for timely and targeted interventions. This is especially valuable for managing challenges like grey mould in strawberries.

Q: Is it possible to customise K9Sense for specific needs?

A: Altered Carbon Ltd offers customisation options for K9Sense, tailoring it to detect specific scent profiles relevant to your crop and adjusting sensitivity for your specific environment. This customisation is crucial for effectively combating issues like grey mould.

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