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K9Sense SmartScent Node

Bad Odour Monitoring

 This plug-and-play state-of-the-art sensor node is engineered to detect and differentiate sulphur-based odours, a common indicator of various environmental and industrial issues. This technology is essential for maintaining air quality and identifying potential hazards in a range of settings.


  • Long Battery Life: 1 year of uninterrupted operation, ensuring consistent monitoring without frequent maintenance, up to 2 years.


  • Sulfur-Based Odour Discrimination: Specialized in identifying and quantifying sulfur-based odours, crucial for environmental monitoring and industrial safety.


  • Rugged Design: High protection class IP65 casing, suitable for challenging environmental conditions


  • Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with Bluetooth BLE for efficient, long-range communication and integration with up to 50 nodes through a Mobile LTE or Wi-Fi gateway with up to 10m2 range. Coming soon – BLE 5 – up to 100m2 range.


  • Advanced AI Integration: Utilises AI/ML inferences on the edge for real-time data processing, enhancing decision-making capabilities.


  • ScentStudio.ai Platform Compatibility: Seamless integration with ScentStudio.ai for sophisticated data collection, visualisation, and alert management.


  • Small Form Factor: Height: 54mm x Width: 44mm x Depth 13mm. Weight: 26.2g. Manual Check & Alert: The button to wake up the unit for manual check LED will go red if there is an alert.