Evaluation Package

  • Feasibility Report
  • Evaluation Kit 3-Month
  • Platform Access 3-month


  • 4h for interviews
  • 3-5 business days to receive report
  • 7 days to receive Kit and Platform access


Because in the world of scent detection, no two use cases are exactly the same. We want to understand the unique business challenges that you are looking to solve using our K9Sense chip and the Scent Studio Platform. This information will allow us to build a Feasibility Report which defines how a future partnership would look like in terms of timeframes, cost, and feasibility. Your R&D team will get an exclusive licence to access our sensor and platform and test them out.

How Does It Work?
We will have a conversation with your team to understand better the specific problem you would like to solve together with us. We will examine the cost of the problem in terms of method of management and its effectiveness, people involved, time consumed, and financial impact. We'll also discuss how our solution can integrate into your existing systems and processes, what people and teams would need to be trained on using it. 

What is the Timeline?
We strive to do the interviews in a single day for ~4h, and deliver the report 3-5 business days later to make it a short, low-cost and high-value engagement. This can be a great way to report internally in your organisation what the cost of the problem is vs the cost of the proposed solution. The report will contain a summary of the information you provided, along with scent detection feasibility for your particular problem, and the timeframes and cost of developing a prototype solution. Within 7 business days you will receive an Evaluation Kit and 3 months of Platform access so you can get a better understanding of our solution.


K9Sense – Licence


Altered Carbon has a proprietary, IP-protected technology which is set to revolutionise the world of sensing, giving computing devices the ability to detect scent with endless possibilities.
Our customers are changing their industries for the better by co-developing with us. To enable our customers to purchase sensors or licence the designs for their own production, as well as test and develop with us, we have to agree on a licence. You can do this by subscribing to a development package. If you would like to discuss this further, please use the contact form to set up a meeting with our team.

  • Enable the purchasing or licence to manufacture the K9Sense
  • Access to sensor designs and full documentation.Enterprise subscribers eligible
  • Access to dedicated support with our team. Pro and Enterprise subscribers eligible

K9Sense – Development Board


Altered Carbon has a proprietary, IP protected technology which is set to revolutionise the world of sensing, giving computing devices the ability to detect scent with endless possibilities.
Our clients are changing their industries for the better by co-developing with us. To begin working with our technology, we have designed a development board add-on for The STM WIN board.

Encased in a single box unit with accompanying hardware – the number of units depends on your package configuration.

What this includes:
  • AC development board compatible with STWIN
  • Alarm system to develop and demonstrate threshold  triggers and alerts.
  • Firmware and designs. Enterprise subscribers only


Scent Studio Ai Platform


This is a unique platform Altered Carbon has created to build Ai models for the K9Sense.
Our aim is to remove the complexities around sensing and allow for rapid, painless development of sensors, which can detect any chemical event taking place. We want to provide users with useful outputs which can be used to automate equipment and allow for better-informed decision making. Our revolutionary sensor hardware (K9Sense) is only usable with this platform and the combination of the two will accelerate your business towards a market-winning solution. You can use it to develop features for the sensors with no programming knowledge and from any connected device with a web browser. Altered Carbon uses this same platform to train the K9Sense in-house. You can use Scent Studio by subscribing to an Altered Carbon development package.

  • Easy to create Ai models for the K9sense
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Access via the cloud from any device


Subscription Information:

The starter package subscription gives you full access to Scent Studio. When you are ready to take your project to the next level by upgrading to the pro package – you gain priority access and private Ai development to ready for commercialisation.

Starter Package Features:

Email & Teleconference Support
This is a standard support service which you will receive at all package levels, including a video set up call to get you started and an additional 5 hours video support to accelerate your project without delay.

Automated Feature Extraction & Selection
Enables users to extract a particular sensor response and highlight it to transform the raw sensor response into features.

Simple Class Labelling
This feature allows you to easily label data during experiments, this can be used to build an Ai model. The more labelling you complete – the faster a model can be generated.

Dataset Combination from Multiple Experiments
Use data sets from different experiments and load them into a single model for rapid development of Ai models.

Automated Model Generation
This feature allows you to turn gathered data into Ai models and its as easy to use as a standard web app. This gives you the power to train the sensor in your respectable environment.


Additional Pro Package Features:

Private data
Included in the pro package and up. This will allow you to develop Ai models on a private server with no public access, making sure you keep you market winning solutions secure and underwraps.

Priority Model Generation
Included in the pro package. Your models will be given priority over standard users enabling you to develop at speed.

Business Support
This support feature includes unlimited time with the Altered Carbon business team to turn your ‘proof of concept’ model into a commercial success.


Additional Enterprise Package Features:

Project Scoping
This includes a PoC model and documentation along with work package plan and terms of commercial engagement, including legal fees to secure our partnership.

Lab Support
Dedicated laboratory days to accelerate your project. This includes verification of models, in-house development and access to the senior development team.

Designs and Firmware
Enterprise level subscribers will have full access to designs and firmware which can be used to integrate our technology.

Altered Carbon Dedicated Engineering Support
Allocation of support hours with the team. This includes physical visits (UK Only) and a dedicated account which handles issues within 48 hours.

Evaluation Package

Develop and Deploy Steps

Altered carbon continues to develop its technology to enable it to detect a wide range of gases, VoCs and scent profiles and allow it to be developed for many solutions and products. We want to give your company the power to develop and deploy the next generation of scent based sensor technology with ease. Below you can see our step by step process to enable this.

Step by step process breakdown

  1. Purchase an Altered Carbon development kit
  2. Begin testing sensors in your environment
  3. Make use of the dedicated development support
  4. Co-development meetings to engage in commercialisation plan
  5. Commercialise your project by consulting with us on manufacturing.


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