According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), natural gas leaks account for more than 25% of methane emissions in the United States. As a potent greenhouse gas, methane significantly contributes to climate change. Reducing these leaks is crucial for a cleaner planet and also for a safer one. Gas leaks are killing hundreds of people every year and injuring more. The three most common sources of natural gas leaks are gas pipes, gas appliances, and indoor gas lines. Indoor and outdoor gas pipes can get punctured due to digging, corrosion, extreme weather conditions or incorrect installation. Gas appliances can also produce leaks due to incorrect installation or a manufacturing defect.

What happens during a gas leak

Natural gas and propane are both flammable so the first and foremost risk of a gas leak is combustion. Since natural gas is invisible, it can only be detected by scent which humans can only detect in high concentrations. A much lower concentration can still cause a combustion if someone so much as lights a cigarette or candle in the area. 

Apart from combustion, gas leaks can go undetected at homes in lower concentrations and contribute to various health issues. The carbon monoxide in gas appliances can lead to nausea, headaches, and confusion. With prolonged exposure, it can cause people to pass out and even lead to deaths. 

Introducing a smarter scent-based solution

Altered Carbon is proud to unveil the SmartScent Node, powered by innovative K9 sensor technology. Our sensor can detect leaks in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, empowering you to take action and protect the environment.

Breathe easy, knowing you’re doing your part for the planet and keeping your loved ones safe. The SmartScent Node offers a powerful combination of features: early leak detection to fight climate change, prompt alerts for enhanced safety, and long-lasting reliability with a single battery charge. Its durable housing withstands harsh environments, while advanced connectivity allows for expansive leak detection networks.  Real-time data processing powered by AI ensures superior accuracy and speed due to the ability to finetune the detection for your own environment.  Clear LED signals keep you informed, offering complete peace of mind.  It’s the all-in-one solution for a safer, greener future.

Invest in a Safer Future

Invest in the SmartScent Node for a safer future of your environment, your loved ones, and yourself.  Contact us today to learn more.