Today’s agriculture faces many challenges, with tomato farming being no exception. Pests like red spider mites and diseases such as grey mould are major problems, causing significant losses to farmers. These issues not only affect the current crop yield but also pose a risk to the long-term sustainability of tomato farming. Altered Carbon Ltd (AC) is stepping up with an innovative solution to tackle these problems head-on, leveraging advanced AI technology.

Understanding the Threat: Red Spider Mites and Grey Mould

Red spider mites and grey mould are formidable adversaries for tomato farmers. Red spider mites damage the plants by feeding on them, leading to weakened and eventually dead crops. Grey mould, a fungal disease, affects the plants starting from the flowers, causing the tomatoes to rot. These issues are not only hard to detect in their early stages but also spread quickly, potentially ruining entire crops.

The Economic and Environmental Impact

The presence of pests and diseases can drastically reduce crop yields, leading to financial losses for farmers and higher prices for consumers. The traditional methods of addressing these problems, such as chemical pesticides and fungicides, are becoming less effective due to issues like rising costs, regulatory challenges, and environmental concerns.

Altered Carbon Ltd’s Innovative Approach

Altered Carbon Ltd introduces a revolutionary approach to pest and disease detection in tomato farming with its “Advanced AI-Driven Pest & Stress Detection” technology. Using AI, AC’s Digital Nose technology analyzes the volatile organic compounds emitted by tomato plants. This allows for early detection of stress or invasion by pests and diseases, even before visible signs appear.

Benefits of AC’s Technology

This technology enables farmers to adopt a proactive approach to managing pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemical treatments and supporting sustainable farming practices. By offering detailed insights into plant health, Altered Carbon’s solution aids in precision agriculture, where decisions are based on accurate, timely data.

Altered Carbon Ltd is not only providing a tool for better pest and disease management but also partnering with farmers worldwide to secure a more sustainable and productive future for tomato cultivation.


Q: How does the K9Sense technology help detect plant diseases or pest infestations early?

A: K9Sense can detect early signs of plant diseases and pest infestations by recognizing specific scents, allowing for early intervention before visible symptoms appear.

Q: Can K9Sense sensors function in extreme conditions?

A: Yes, K9Sense sensors are adaptable to various environmental conditions. For extreme situations, special casings and calibration may be necessary, and Altered Carbon will provide guidance on these adaptations.

Q: How can K9Sense be integrated into existing monitoring systems?

A: Altered Carbon’s team will assist in integrating K9Sense with your current setup, ensuring that the technology complements and enhances your monitoring capabilities without disruption.

Q: What training does Altered Carbon offer for using its technology?

A: Altered Carbon provides customized training, ensuring that your team can effectively use the K9Sense and ScentStudio.AI technologies within your operational context.

Q: What environmental measures does Altered Carbon take in its sensor production and deployment?

A: Altered Carbon is committed to minimizing environmental impact, focusing on sustainable material use, energy-efficient sensor design, and responsible recycling and disposal practices.