Alarming Food Waste: 1.3 Billion Tons Lost Yearly

Globally, 1.3 billion tons of food, 30% of production, is wasted yearly, costing over £700 billion. In the UK, £6.4 billion of food is wasted annually in storage and packing. The reasons vary from harvest and post-harvest practices, to supermarkets, restaurants and consumers.

One of the major causes of food waste is the fact that many foods, especially perishable items like fruits and vegetables, have a limited shelf life. Even when stored properly, these foods can go bad relatively quickly, leading to waste. By using ethylene detection, we can monitor ethylene levels in storage facilities to optimise the ripening process of fruits and vegetables or ensure optimal ripeness before processing or packaging. Supermarkets can use ethylene levels to test freshness of the produce on their shelves.

An intelligent solution: Ethylene Nodes for ripeness detection

A beacon of hope, efficiency, and innovation lies with the Ethylene Node. These compact, wireless K9sense® devices have been crafted to address the most pressing challenges of our time. With ethylene detection capabilities, they usher in a new era of produce preservation, optimising the ripening process of fruits and vegetables within storage facilities and in transit. Boasting a battery life of 1-2 years on a single charge, these nodes minimise maintenance demands, ensuring uninterrupted vigilance. 

Encased in IP65 protection class, they withstand the rigours of harsh environments. Connected through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, they come with a gateway that connects them to the ScentStudio platform where all insights are recorded. The platform is where the nodes are trained to detect compounds in various environments through the use of Machine Learning. The models can be tuned to the particular background of your environment so that false-positive events are ignored and ethylene detection can occur regardless of the environment’s noise. 

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