Who are your direct competitors and what are your USPs versus other digital noses?

Stratucent – Chemiresistor array chip and Ai. Insight: Has a demo product aiming for similar use cases. No publication of industrial customer trials or use. 

Vapoursense – Uses nanofiber technology to create the next generation of chemical sensors. Insight: University spin-out bought by Gentex to expand their product offering.  

Koniku – Merges synthetic biology with silicon to build machines that detect smells. Insight: Sensors only last months. Have worked with Airbus on security solutions for the past 2 years. Received all their series A monies from Airbus, no working product. 

Altered Carbon K9Sense – can detect millions of scent combinations whilst running on almost zero power and are up to 100x more sensitive than traditional sensors. Our Solid State design can be easily integrated into a wide range of environments, has a low detection threshold of <10 ppb, high reproducibility, low error rate/degradation, and a long expected life span. Extremely simple manufacturing, making it scalable. A printable sensor with low manufacturing costs. AI trainable & tuneable by anyone while backed by a highly defensible scent library.