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How does the K9Sense sensors work?

The modifyied graphene elements attract different molecues to its surface. This creates a resistance in electrical output to create a signal making this a unique chemiresistor sensor. 


How much power does the sensor require?

The K9Sense operates passively without the need for a heating element and as a result of this, the only power consumed is while taking a reading from the sensor. This allows the K9Sense sensors to operate on a coin cell battery for years. 

What gases can be detected?

Our 10 element array chip is sensitive to many different gases, please enquire using our customer contact form or email

How do I purchase Altered Carbon sensor technology?

Our technology is available to purchase directly via our webstore. There is a range of options which allow your business to begin development with our sensors, from testing an idea with our devices to commercial deployment for your application.

How much will a sensor chip likely cost at the commercial stage?

Purchase price between £20 – £3 per sensor chip. And between £5 and 50p per year in AI costs. The total price you pay depends on quantities and service level factors.  

Can I connect the sensors in remote locations?

The sensors can be placed in most environments, from factories to vehicles. They are rugged and solid state and can run on a coin cell battery for years. 

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