K9Sense Reservation 


Welcome to the K9Sense development package reservation page.

We are working with select clients to provide digital scent detection for products and solutions across the globe. We have opened our reservation list on a first come first serve basis to onboard partners in 2023. To secure your place and become a pioneer of scent detection scroll down and sign-up.

Reservation fee is deducted from 1st subscribtion. Shipping in May 2023 

K9Sense – Multi Array Chip

 > This 10 element sensor chip is the world’s first graphene complex gas sensor.  Each element is unique and responds to volitile Organic compounds and gases relating to scent, it has the potential to detect millions of scent combinations when Ai is applied using Scent Studio platform.

Each package will include K9Sense sensor chips which come pre-installed into sensor box unit. Encased in a sensor box unit. The number of units depends on your package configuration. Scroll down to discover more. 



  • Near zero power detection

  • Detect million of scent combinations

  • Can be applied to multiple use cases


K9Sense – Sensor Box Unit

Our plug-and-play Sensor Box is designed to enbale data collection to train AI models for our K9Sense chip. Think of it as a =n easy to use data collection and training tool. The unit includes  battery power, wifi communications and on board memory. The box is pictured on the right, please contact our team for more information.

The number of units depends on your package configuration. This unit is paired with our AI platform ‘Scent Studio’, scroll down to discover more. 


  • Continuously develops AI for the K9sense chip
  • Its plug and play and requires no development
  • New features for your product or solution

 Scent Studio is a unique AI platform, the brain for the K9Sense.  

This turns data gathered from our ‘sensor box units’ into AI models that can be used with the K9Sense chip. You can then drag this data out into your ecosystem after development. The development package includes acccess to this platform which is nessesary to integrate scent detection into your product or soltution.


No programming knowledge needed

Create Ai models for the K9Sense without any prior  development knowledge or programming skills

Cloudbased / Works on any system

Can be accessed via internet browser which enables users to access their data from any connected operating system. 

Easy to create AI

Enables you to turn raw sensor data into usable Ai models. Allowing any user to create uses for our K9Sense sensors.

  Integration Steps   

  1. Subscribe to our development platform, you can reserve your place today. 
  2. Test sensors in your target environment
  3. Utilize our dedicated development support
  4. Joint integration and deployment plan
  5. Enter AI subscribtion plan and licence or purchase our cost-effective sensors at volume