K9SENSE: Pioneering Alcohol Detection & Monitoring


Understanding Alcohol

Alcohol, specifically in forms such as isopropyl alcohol and ethanol, is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) extensively used in a variety of applications, from cleaning to disinfecting. It quickly evaporates at room temperature and is often found in high concentrations, creating potential health hazards.

The Risks of Alcohol

Overexposure to alcohol, especially in poorly ventilated areas, can lead to serious health issues, ranging from respiratory distress to dizziness, headaches, and in extreme cases, organ damage. Therefore, precise detection and monitoring of alcohol levels is crucial. Enter K9SENSE, our AI-powered Digital Nose.


How Can K9SENSE Assist with Alcohol Detection & Monitoring?

Leveraging advanced AI technology, K9SENSE can be trained to detect the presence of alcohol, enabling real-time monitoring and early intervention. Our groundbreaking technology can identify specific scent signatures associated with alcohol, providing an innovative solution for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and food services.


Why K9SENSE? The Benefits

Choosing to implement K9SENSE unlocks the following advantages:

  • Rapid Problem-Solving: Our technology assists industries in detecting and resolving alcohol-related issues more quickly.
  • Broad Scent Combinations: Capable of detecting millions of scent combinations, K9SENSE boasts unrivalled detection power.
  • Seamless Integration: No need for coding or sensor knowledge; K9SENSE integrates effortlessly into your operations.
  • Adaptive Learning: K9SENSE can be trained to work effectively in any environment.

Our Offer: Digital Nose Development Packages

We believe that every industry can benefit from the power of scent detection. Our offerings, therefore, are tailored to meet your unique needs:


  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: Experience K9SENSE, our AI-powered Digital Nose, trailblazing in scent detection technology.
  2. Custom Solutions: We customize K9SENSE to suit your specific needs and industry requirements.
  3. Comprehensive Support & Training: Our dedicated team provides full support and training to ensure you can effectively harness the power of K9SENSE.

Advanced Problem Detection

An extensive scent library allows for the early detection of issues across various industries. For instance, unusual odors can indicate problems in machinery, signal the presence of hazardous gases, or help in the early detection of crop diseases in agriculture.

Enhanced Efficiency

With the ability to detect and identify scents quickly, industries can take prompt action to rectify issues, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Diverse Applications

A comprehensive scent library opens up a world of possibilities across different sectors, from healthcare and food production to environmental monitoring and safety.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our scent library is continually evolving. As K9Sense is exposed to more scents, its database grows, enhancing its accuracy and reliability.

Customizable Solutions

With an extensive scent library, industries can tailor the use of our technology to meet their specific needs, whether it’s detecting gas leaks in an industrial plant or ensuring the freshness of produce in food storage.

Accurate Results

The more scents our library can identify, the more accurate the detection and analysis become. This precision is crucial in industries where even minor errors can have significant consequences.

Lead with K9SENSE in Your Field

Join the pioneers in scent detection technology and give your business a competitive edge. K9SENSE, Altered Carbon’s revolutionary technology, is a game-changer, set to disrupt industries with its ability to detect and monitor alcohol levels.

    Ready to Harness the Power of Scent Detection?

    Don’t let alcohol pose unnecessary risks to your environment. Contact us today to learn more about K9SENSE and how our Digital Nose development packages can revolutionise your operations.

      At Altered Carbon, we believe in the potential of our scent library to revolutionise industry practices. Our AI-powered digital nose, combined with our scent library, is more than just an innovative product; it’s a new way to interact with and understand the world. Join us as we redefine the possibilities of scent detection.





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