Hi there!

We are Altered Carbon.


Altered Carbon’s mission is to improve life on earth and better utilise its resources by making our technology accessible to everyone. Our aim is to reduce global food waste by 20%

We founded Altered Carbon Ltd (AC) in 2018. The team has a passion for innovation and used this along with a deep understanding and persistence to make a scientific breakthrough, this enabled the discovery of this world changing technology.

The discovery was made in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory where the company is based. Since then AC has worked with world class partners to consult, test and develop for mass market. Altered Carbon has kept scalability and usability in mind after engaging with several market leaders in sensor technology.


Altered Carbon’s technology consists of highly sensitive digital receptors grouped together as sensor array on a microchip. It’s capable of detecting millions of different gases and VOC combinations. Think of it as the digital version of a dog’s nose.  

We then use Ai to give our sensor the ability to focus on specific target scents, such as food degrading. This is works similarly to the relationship between the nose and brain. Our sensor can be trained to detect a specific scent of interest to you and your business.

The sensors utilise the properties of the wonder material graphene. This enables us to provide ultra low power capabilities, detect many different target scents and produce at scale using simple manufacturing methods. 

Despite a lot of hype and lab attempts by various other companies attempting to shift graphene gas sensors into market-ready products, the progress has been very limited. This makes us one of the leading companies in the world with commercially viable graphene sensors.

“We envision Altered Carbon technology being used in everyday equipment such as your smart device.”




AI Lead

10 years + in robotics, communication, and hardware, designing and deploying unique technologies.

My idea of robotics is to enable us to do more with our lives.




8+ years managing technology products projects and developing solutions with a background in product design.

If you believe in an idea, you should do everything possible to make it a reality.



Graphene Lead

PHD student UWE.

I like the challenge of taking a world changing idea and making it a reality.


Jake Ronay

Jake Ronay

Advisor and board member

Extensive experience setting up large-scale investment and innovation programmes.

Head of Plerith, a business technology start-up consultancy. 

Dominic Keen

Dominic Keen

Lead Investor and board member

A specialist in identifying new markets and supporting propositions that bring together customers and technology.

Former Head of Venturing, Egg plc, the uk’s first online bank

Mark Corderoy

Mark Corderoy