When asked, 93% of customers say their opinion of a business is likely to be negative if the restrooms don’t seem clean [1]. Not only can foul-smelling restrooms create an impression of poor hygiene and lingering germs, but the stench itself can be a health hazard for some, encourage shorter handwashing for others (spreading more germs), and leave a lasting negative impression on the entire establishment. For employees, that would mean poor working conditions and an increasing number of customer complaints which can impact engagement and retention rates. 

Statistics show that memories of bad odours are stronger than memories of positive or neutral smells [2] which means a poor restroom experience can leave a more lasting impression than anything else your business did right. 

Solution: Bad Odour Detector – the Missing Sense

Current technology excels in sight, sound, and touch, but it lacks a crucial human sense – smell. Altered Carbon bridges this gap with digital devices that detect unpleasant odours using the K9Sense sensors. This opens doors to a future where devices can address sanitation issues, saving your business reputation and improving public health.

By promptly alerting cleaning staff when a restroom stall necessitates attention, AC ensures a more pleasant experience for all restroom users. The same monitoring can also be integrated with automated cleaning and disinfection systems so that no manual effort is needed. This proactive approach addresses cleanliness and improves user satisfaction. 

How does it work?

Powered by AI, K9Sense can learn and adapt over time, becoming even more proficient at identifying specific odours indicative of hygiene issues. It starts by detecting sulphur compounds, often linked to decaying matter and potential hygiene issues, K9Sense triggers alerts that can be handled in a manual or automated fashion. This addresses the odour source before it escalates, optimises personnel operations and creates a positive impression with your customers.

Altered Carbon: Standing Out from the Crowd

AC stands out from the crowd with its innovative technology, over conventional scent detection methods due to its built-in brain. Powered by artificial intelligence, AC’s sensors are capable of detecting a spectrum of odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be trained to isolate the background noise of your specific environment. Our solution is also economically viable due to its low cost and low power usage. Lastly, characterised by durability and scalability, AC’s miniature sensors are designed for longevity and widespread deployment across environments.


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